Unique wedding gift ideas - you don't have to stick to the wedding gift registry!

Unique wedding gift ideas will help you to come up with a knock out gift for the new bride and groom that they will will never forget:

Try to think of a great experience the new couple can do together as newlyweds.

Experiences they can share

  • A gift certificate to the most expensive restaurant in town they could never otherwise afford. I got this as a wedding gift for friends and they loved it!
  • A voucher for an experience, eg hot air ballooning, sky-diving, massage treatments
  • A cooking class (eg a hand-made pasta course)
  • A night at a nice hotel in town
  • A couple of nights at a nearby bed and breakfast
  • A membership at a fitness centre or personal training sessions they could do together
  • A set of dance lessons
  • Tickets to an amazing show they couldn't normally afford, say an opera or Cirque de Soleil
  • Tickets (as many as your budget allows) to the Gold Class cinemas
  • Music lessons (buy them an instrument if they don't already have one)

A unique personalised wedding gift you create

  • If you write well write their love story (find out extra details from family and friends and publish it into an actual book). Plenty of sites out there allow you to do this.
  • If you are a film-maker make a live or animated film of their love story.
  • If you are an artist paint them a picture with meaning - say the cafe where they met
  • If you are a green thumb buy and plant them a tree that will grow as their marriage grows

Something you can buy

  • Make up a package of different classic and newer board games so they have a fun pack for games they can play together
  • A musical instrument/s so they could learn together (add in some lessons too!)
  • A beautiful classy chess set for the new King and Queen

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