Unique gifts for women

Thinking up unique gifts for women can be a struggle.

But...the most important thing is to think about what she would like and to add in a surprise wow factor if you can.

The suggestions below are designed to open your eyes to some possibilities may not have thought of before.

An ongoing experience

  • dance lessons
  • circus lessons (gymnastics/juggling)
  • cooking lessons
  • surf lessons

A one-off exciting experience

  • hot-air balloon ride
  • abseiling
  • caving
  • travel - from a local destination to an international one
  • a night in a hotel or bed and breakfast weekend away

A one-off pampering experience

  • massage
  • beauty treatments
  • a spa weekend

Something creative from you

  • write a song
  • do an original piece of art for her; paint a picture
  • write a poem
  • do a scavenger hunt for her
  • perform outside her window (make sure this will be welcomed, you don't want to come across as a stalker!) - you can perform a scene from Romeo and Juliet, recite a poem or sing a song
  • Cook her dinner! But make it a special surprise. Write up a menu to create a personal restaurant for her. Pretend to be a waiter.
  • a personalised magazine cover - you can buy this, or if you are creative and low on budget you can create your own by cutting and pasting photos onto a magazine or headlines onto a photo

Other ideas

  • name a star after her (yes you really can buy a star)
  • buy a personalised book - these are typically available for kids, but your girlfriend or wife might appreciate it if she is young at heart!
  • get a plane to fly a banner with a message
  • make or buy her a personalised t-shirt
  • get her personalised license-plates for her car
  • give her a pillow-case, mug, t-shirt etc with a photo of you on it

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