Happy anniversary poems

Happy anniversary poems are ideal for writing into an anniversary ecard or paper greeting card.

These verses are free for personal and non-commercial use only.

The Tapestry

It took us a little while didn't it?
Like two threads we came together
We didn't look like much at first
It could never be forever

But now I look at the tapestry we created
There's a few frays, a few tears
Despite this it is rich in colour
Deepened from the passing years

It now cannot be unwoven
It is stronger than stone
While each thread remains together
We will never be alone

Happy Anniversary my darling
May we always remain woven together!

Copyright JS Fox. Personal non-commercial use only.

Do you remember?

Do you remember?
When we kissed the first time
And we knew that I was yours
And you were mine

Do you remember?
When we danced that night
And the music we heard
In our hearts like a light

Do you remember?
The day we said I do
For better and for worse
Though it's always been better with you

Do you remember?
To have and to hold
This love I'll always remember
And together we'll grow old

Copyright JS Fox. Personal non-commercial use only.

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