Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

Cheap Christmas gift ideas are often homemade Christmas gift ideas.

Inexpensive homemade Christmas gifts show just as much love, if not more, for the personalisation and effort involved.

Food - bake it OR buy it

  • Cookies or biscuits: Use icing sugar to write their name or a message on top
  • Jam: if homemade jar it and put piece of material on top with a ribbon around it.
  • Dried fruit and nuts. Buy them loose then repackage nicely into a small basket or cellophane bag with a ribbon around the top.

If you choose to bake don't worry if you're not any good at it. Your friends will find it endearing.

Write a poem - If you can't write a poem yourself find a poem you like and write it on nice paper, decorate it however you like and put it into an inexpensive photo frame.

Homemade Christmas card - sweet idea especially from a younger member of the family

Homemade CD compilation - Make a compilation of great Christmas-themed songs or just their favourite songs from that year. Personalise with a handmade CD cover and track-listing something cheap and package it beautifully

  • Go to the local $2 store
  • Pick up some items that everyone could use but you could easily repackage (eg: soap, bath bombs
  • Buy some cheap boxes

Then...get going with some creative packaging ideas.

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