Anniversary gifts for men

Men can be hard to buy an anniversary gift for. Man or woman though if you think about the person and what they like you will come up with something great. But if you are stuck here are some suggestions for more 'male' anniversary gifts to give you a start.

Wedding anniversary gifts for men

  • Tickets to a sports game you can attend together
  • Something signed from a sports star
  • Cable/Pay TV, try to set it up while he's away as a surprise
  • A weekend away for some romance
  • Tickets to a concert for a band he'd like
  • A piece of jewellery, engrave it for extra meaning
  • Travel, from small to big - there must be somewhere or something he's always wanted to see?
  • Does he appreciate the sentimental? You could write him a poem or a song.

Is there something he's always wanted to do?

  • Learn an instrument? Buy him a guitar, and/or guitar lessons
  • Something adventurous? Arrange parachuting, paragliding, rock climbing...
  • Pampering - you'll know best if this will the kind of thing he might enjoy. But most people will enjoy a massage. Or you could branch out into a new experience for him like a floatation tank, or an old-fashioned barber shave
  • For more pampering you can even arrange a couple's session which could make it more enjoyable for him

For even more ideas see the traditional material for your anniversary year.

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