Anniversary gifts for her

Anniversary gifts for her are a chance for you to show that you have taken the time to think about her.

Use the traditional anniversary gift list for ideas

How many years are you celebrating together?

Even if you're not married it's a cute gesture to be inspired by one of the traditional wedding materials Other ideas

  • Do a scrapbook of photos from your time together
  • Do a scrapbook of photos from your time together
  • Write her a love song or a poem - or use a free anniversary poem
  • Take her away for a romantic weekend
  • Book a night in a fantastic hotel in your home-town
  • Dinner at a nice restaurant
  • Use your firsts as inspiration. Recreate your first meeting. First date. First kiss?
  • Flowers, better yet arrange a flower delivery, even better arrange a regular surprise flower delivery every week for the next month
  • What was she wearing on your first date? Let's say a blue dress or a gold necklace. Buy her another blue dress or gold necklace and tell her it was because you remember how pretty she looked in the one she wore that day.

Anniversary poetry

Write your sweetheart your own personalised love poem. Writing your own will score you huge love points (even if it is terrible!). Try to incorporate some of your relationship history. Refer to one of your in-jokes, to how you met, to your pet-names for each other.

If you really can't handle the idea of writing your own you could simply use one of the free anniversary poems

available on this site.

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