5th wedding anniversary gifts - ideas

Ideas for 5th wedding anniversary gifts are far ranging because the 5th wedding anniversary traditional material is wood. This is an easier one to come up with ideas for, especially because paper is made from wood.

Wood related ideas:

  • A piece of jewellery made from wood, there's a lot around!
  • A bonsai tree
  • A sculpture or carving made from wood
  • A trip to stay near beautiful woods where you can go hiking or just spend time in the nature together
  • A piece of sporting equipment for the sports fan, such as a baseball bat or cricket bat
  • If she or he is a bird lover a bird house could be a lovely idea
  • A piece of furniture - although this requires knowing they would appreciate this, perhaps a beautiful bookcase or side table

Paper-related ideas such as:

  • Write a poem on beautiful stationary paper
  • Buy a ticket to an event
  • Tickets to a show, movies, top class cinema
  • Buy travel tickets
  • Book a night in a hotel - print a paper itinerary
  • Print out a favourite photo of the two of you and frame it
  • A book; what about a book of love poetry or an elegant copy of a book like The Perfurmed Garden
  • A magazine or newspaper subscription
  • A board game you can share together

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