50th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Below you'll find some 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas, from the expensive to inexpensive.

Anniversary party ideas

Throw a surprise party, or...

a party WITH a surprise

  • Surprise family member or friend
    • Have all the guests chip in to buy a plane/train ticket for a son/daughter/grandchild to arrive as a surprise guest
    • Arrange a guest who can't make it to appear live via web-cam or a pre-recorded video message
  • Surprise celebrity appearance
    • Contact say Celine Dion's agent to buy a live appearance, or easier..
    • Contact a more local idol to make an appearance or record a message. Say the radio host from Bob's Gardening Tips or their favourite newsreader

The possibilities are endless here. If you think creatively you’ll probably come up with some great ideas for an unexpected and thoughtful gift that still gets talked about on their 60th anniversary!

Other ideas

You can get everyone to chip in towards the more expensive gifts:

  • A cruise to an exotic location.
  • A return trip to their honeymoon location (assuming they enjoyed it then!)
  • A week at a nearby town in a lovely bed & breakfast
  • A stay in a top hotel
  • If they love the theatre, opera or ballet see if you can buy them a gift set of tickets.
  • Do they love to visit the local Botanical Gardens but there's an entry fee? Give them an annual pass.
  • Is there some kind of tour they would enjoy? What about whale-watching for example.
  • An annual pass to their favourite museum or art gallery.
  • Do they love fresh flowers but can't afford them? Arrange for a weekly delivery of a flower bouquet.

Now remember the 50th is called the golden anniversary - so read on for ideas for 50th anniversary gift ideas using gold

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