50th anniversary toast from children

Everyone will be expecting a 50th anniversary toast from children of the anniversary couple at the big 'do'. Doing a wedding anniversary toast for your parents is not easy. But remember the guests are only hoping for a few warm words that come from the heart.

Start gathering ideas and memories

To give you ideas for the content of your toast start gathering some information that you will be able to mine for the content of your toast.

Gather memories from:

  • Yourself
  • Your brothers and sisters
  • Family and friends of your parents
  • Look through old photos to jog your memory.
  • Ask your parents for some of their memories (without alerting them that you might use this in a toast of course!)

Types of memories

Are there incidents that jump out at you? Good or bad? You may not want to use the bad but there may be a way to use them so don't discard them in the information-gathering stage.


Try to think about the everyday habits they had as a couple. Did Mum always place Dad's slippers beside his favourite chair? Did Dad playfully tease your Mum about something?

Body language

What was their body language like when they were together. Did they have any pet-names for each other?

Get details of their wedding

  • Where they got married
  • The first song they danced to at their wedding
  • Did anything unusual happen?
  • What did they wear

Using the information

Now that you have this information you can think about how to incorporate it into a toast.

You could begin your toast with a quote from the lyrics of the first song they danced to.

And say along the lines of... This is from the first song that Mum and Dad danced to as husband and wife.

I know Dad took lessons for six weeks before the wedding, but he still managed to step on Mum's foot during that dance, and Aunty June told me she had a bruised toe that she kept hidden from Dad so it wouldn't hurt his feelings. That's always been the way Mum is. She was always doing little things to make sure Dad knew she loved him. For example...

And Dad never took Mum for granted either. He would always...

I remember when my sister and I were little, and Dad was just starting to learn the guitar. Well one night out of the blue we heard this singing from outside the house. Mum opened the window and there he was serenading Mum! He only knew three chords and not very well, and well anyone can tell you Dad is probably the worst singer in the world. But you should have seen how Mum just blushed and beamed from ear to ear.

And so on. The more information you have the easier it will be, as you will just be retelling in your own words the stories, memories and observations you have had of your parents.

Use a slideshow during the toast

If you are not a confident speaker it can help to have a visual aid that will take some of the attention off you.

You could set up a slideshow projection of photos of your parents throughout their lives together. The photos can run in chronological order and you could talk while the photos are being displayed.

You can refer to the photos throughout your toast. For example... Apparently my Mum was worried her wedding dress wouldn't fit. But as you can see in this photo she didn't have to worry as she looked beautiful.

Set the slideshow to music

Or, you could set the slideshow to music and in doing so use your toast to lead in to the beginning of it.

If you set it to music it could be set to an anniversary song

or perhaps a song with personal meaning for them.

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