2nd anniversary gift ideas

It can be very difficult to come up with unique anniversary gifts for a 2nd wedding anniversary.

The second anniversary traditional material is cotton, so below I've brainstormed loads of cotton-themed ideas. I hope one of these will help you to find a gift your husband or wife will love!:

2nd anniversary gifts - ideas

  • cotton clothing - find out their size!
  • personalised screen-printed T-shirt
  • Egyptian cotton sheets
  • personalised pillow-case with a print of your photo
  • give your partner your own favourite cotton T-shirt so they can sleep in it
  • denim is a form of cotton, so anything denim
  • cute socks
  • you can find wallets and handbags made from cotton
  • terrycloth is also cotton, so a bath-robe or towel
  • cotton can be used in fishnet stockings; this could be a fun option
  • cotton nightwear; it feels great against the skin
  • some books and diaries have cotton covers
  • there are loads of craft ideas using cotton balls, including for jewellery. Search the web for some great ideas
  • for something more left of field, try a book: just enter cotton into an Amazon book search. You'll be amazed what you find. You can find the history of cotton, the lives of cotton workers and loads more. Or even look for an author with the last name of Cotton. There's one who writes a series of Westerns.

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