25th wedding anniversary gifts

25th wedding anniversary gifts can use the traditional anniversary material

of silver to spark off ideas for unique anniversary gifts.

Ideas using silver include:

  • silver jewellery, may be engraved
  • silver wrist-watch, consider engraving
  • silver fob-watch
  • a portrait of the couple in a silver frame
  • wrap a gift in silver-paper
  • buy them shares in a silver company
  • a trip to a former silver-rush destination like Colorado
  • a trip to visit a silver-mine, locally or overseas
  • a silver Apple Mac laptop or i-Pod
  • a silver coin
  • rare edition of The Silver Surfer comic book
  • a trip to Nevada, The Silver State
  • a trip to see a famous silver artefact, eg Bulgaria to see the Rogozen Treasure or one of the South American silver destinations

Think carefully about the size and practicality of this gift. The couple is older and they might want to avoid the clutter of too many things.

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