20th wedding anniversary

The 20th wedding anniversary traditional material is china, so below I've brainstormed some china-themed ideas.

The material china is actually a pretty versatile one as you can go for a few different angles:

  • a straight interpretation - a china ceramic object
  • a left of field interpretation - something with a Chinese-flavour
  • Or for a cute gimmick think of something kitschy that was 'made in China'. You will find loads of those!

20th anniversary gifts - ideas

  • a beautiful plate
  • for tea drinkers get a beautiful ceramic teapot and tea set
  • a china bowl - fill it with something else your love may appreciate (jewellery, rose petals, little love notes...)
  • a trip to China
  • a trip to see a Chinese-related exhibit - see if there's any art galleries showing a Chinese artist
  • a porcelain doll
  • jewellery made from ceramics
  • jewellery with a Chinese theme
  • get his or her name written in Chinese calligraphy
  • a Chinese plant such as a bunch of Chinese roses
  • try a book: just enter china into an Amazon book search. There'll be books on anything you can imagine related to China. There's also an author named China Mieville who's written fantasy fiction.

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