10 year anniversary gifts

I hope to inspire you with ideas for 10 year anniversary gifts using the traditional material of tin.

You can be as creative as you like with the materials.

  • You can buy a bronze, pewter, or britannia (also known as britannium) gift, as these are all alloys of tin. You can find these in decorative items such as vases, plates, sugar bowls etc
  • Tinware is a folk-art found in Mexico and other countries. You can find beautiful painted enamel coated tinware that would be a lovely gift
  • You can put a beautiful plant or bunch of flowers into a tin bucket
  • You can find some very lovely tinware trunks. You can add to this by finding something to put into this. You could put in a photo album of you together. Or something smaller as a surprise to find such as jewellery.
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